I guess if I had to describe my self to you I would probably have to say I am a born again Christian. Who is continent with who I am and what I do.

Nice to meet you.

I first meant this website to be a way to hold onto my name online for when I became famous. Since that has not happened….yet. I guess I will just have it online in case anyone wants to know who I am and what I am up too. Or I will just throw a bunch of stuff on here so that when I am senile I can look back on it and remember what I have forgotten. I am sure most of it will be ramblings of an old man…ok they tell me I am middle aged.

To be honest this is the first change I have made to this website in probably a decade. It seems that I am now at that age that if I blink wrong 5-10 years go by and I did not seem to accomplish anything.

During the work week I am generally fixing copiers, printers, scanners etc. At night I try to spend some time with my loving wife or going out with friends. My hobbies…or habbits are Pool, Darts, Netflicks, Social media, sketchup, 3D printing or tinkering around on the house.

I like many have my good days, bad days, life changing stuff and some really boring stuff. I am happy to say I see more happy days than bad.

I am proud of the names my parents named me…Marven Grant Likness. I am named after both my Grand Fathers. The name Likness or originally spelled Liknes is from a small area on the south end of Norway. Yup I am mostly Norwegian.

A little family History

Some of my ancestors immigrated to the States in the late 1800’s looking for open farmland. That is the time the last name Liknes became Likness. They started in what is now North Dakota. I am not sure of the reason most of them did not stay there but I know they soon set there sights on what is now Alberta, Canada. My grandfather on my dad’s side started down in Monitor, Ab and then later moved up to around Daisland, AB. My grandparents from my Mothers side settled near Panoka, AB.

My background

I was born in a small town East of Edmonton, Ab. I like to call it Sutter Town. I have an older sister that arrived about 2.5 years before me. As a family we hardly ever spent more than a few years at any one spot.

Every few years we got to meet new people and create new friendships while trying to hold onto old ones from a distance. My parents split up when I was young. My mom moved my sister and I to Camrose the summer before I started Grade 5.

While we were in Camrose my Mom found a guy who soon became my Step dad. And I gained 3 step brothers. A few years later my Dad found someone who became my Stepmom and again I gained 2 step sisters and another step brother. It was a good match for the most part. I was never bugged or hassled by any of my siblings or parents.

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