People with vestibular dysfunction live dizzy lives. We have to…we have no choice. My deaf and dizzy life started April 2016. I write about my life with vestibular dysfunction because I have a hard time explaining it in person. Mostly because until you have lived a day, a month, a year with it you will not remotely understand. Vestibular dysfunction is very much an invisible disease. I know the professional doctors I see who are specifically trained to treat vestibular dysfunction do not truly understand what we go through…how can anyone else in our lives that has not lived it understand us? Well may beRead More →

This is meant mostly for people that are new to dizziness/vertigo. I am not a Doctor so please do not take my advice over a physicians. This is only my experience with my dizziness. I will try to keep this short but well…you know how it goes. For those of you that are researching for others I am sorry to say unless you live it you will never understand it but keep the support up because the person who you know that is dealing with this crap really needs you. Every case will be different. This is very much an invisible disease. Start of myRead More →

Learning to be deaf. Hi nice to meet you. My name is Marven. I am told I am going deaf. In Some ways I feel this is a good thing. Many may not feel that going deaf is a good thing and in some ways I agree. But for the most part it is opening a new chapter in my life that I may have never experienced. Last year April 2016 I lost most of my hearing over night. Idiopathic bilateral SSNHL with Tinnitus and vestibular dysfunction. In layman’s terms I went to bed hearing and woke up legally deaf with buzzing ringing ticking inRead More →

ASL LSQ Rally September 2018 This image was captured by Doug Brinkman. and was used for a local news clip. The rally was organized by the World Federation of the Deaf so my flag was not recognized by the rally officials but was well received by the rally participants. You can view the news clip at The flag shown here was created by an artist from France Artaud Balard. You can find out more about Artaud Balard here As I am writing this 2018 is just about to end and I am reflecting on what this year has meant to me. I doRead More →